Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandma Wagner - The Nickname Game

Grandma Wagner with Win, Carrie, Heidi & Ben (clockwise from top) about 1978

OK, I need help again with this little trip down memory lane.  This picture made me think of the nicknames Grandma Wagner had for us.  I remember:

Heidi was "Cricket"
Win was "Sam Andy"
Ben was "Bee Ben"

But what was Carrie's nickname?  I should remember it best since it is the most recent. . .


Monday, July 19, 2010

Cutest Portrait Ever!

This is one of my favorite portraits ever!!  Win and I are so adorable and I actually love my flower pot applique dress.  My hair is super cute too.

I wonder where this was taken and if Win has worn a turtleneck since then?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Lookin' Runs In the Family

What a good lookin' group of kids we were.  All spit polished and dressed up in our Sunday best for our photo shoot at Sprouse-Reitz :)  I loved that dress, and I must have been doing my hair myself, because I have a nice feathered look around my face.  I love Win's handsome blue suit, and his somewhat demure smile.  Ben was still looking good in his peach satin shirt from Uncle Mike's wedding.  And Carrie, no one could pull off a pinafore apron like you could - but where were your ever present pig tails?

Life was good and simple back then. . .

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Good Ole Days

I'm not quite sure exactly what year this was taken, but it brings back so many memories.

Dad and his after work dress up shirts.
Mom always loved to wear a scarf to accessorize her outfits.
My pink sweater and side clip hair style.
Win loved that jacket - what a great smile!
Ben loved that jacket - love the glowing safety bands on the sleeves.
And of course Carrie's cute pigtails.  Did Grandma Wagner make that vest? :)

And lets not forget the awesome clock on the wall whose value can only be measured in Green Stamps!

Ahhhhhh, those were the days.