Monday, August 2, 2010

Hmmmm, What Old Picture Can I Pull Out of the Hat Today?

Awwwww, we are so cute!!!  Who doesn't love a baby in footed jammies?  Ben you were/are so adorable!!  

This photo was taken at Grandpa and Grandma Wagner's Boland Rd., Canby house I do believe.  You know the house that now has been moved next door to Ben in Molalla - weird!!  

I guess Win had a real affection for turtlenecks when he was a kid.  This is the second picture I've posted where he has a turtleneck on.  Of course I'm wearing one too, but I've always had a fashion flair for the snug shirt.

I remember always wanting to sit on the pillow chair that sat on grandma's hearth (the one to the right of me in the picture).  But I never sat there long, because it was disappointingly uncomfortable, and I was a kid and had other things to do.

I have many memories from Grandma & Grandpa Wagner's place - here are just a few.

1.  The party line telephone.  I could never figure out if it was a call for grandma or the neighbor, but she knew just by listening to the ring pattern.

2.  The chalkboard by the phone.  Loved writing on it, and grandma often wrote us a message on it before we arrived.  Plus there was usually an important phone number or two written in easily erased chalk that we were not to mess with.  I'm sure I "accidentally" erased the important numbers a time or two.

3.  Grandma alwasy had Freedent gum in the kitchen drawer.  And she didn't really care too much if you helped yourself!!

4.  Grandma and Grandpa each had their own recliner in the living room in front of the tiny TV.  "His and hers" recliners I guess you could say.

5.  The distinctive smell of grandma's house.  A good/comforting smell.

6.  Fridge on top and freezer on the bottom.  Now that's all the rage once again :)

7.  The garage - just loved all the stuff and the smell in there.

8.  Crystals hanging in the windows and throwing rainbows.

9.  Cushioned toilet seat.  A very weird feeling to me.

10.  Grandma had a three way dressing mirror in her bedroom.  I thought you only got to use those in department stores!

11.  The tire swing in the big oak tree.

12.  Apple trees lining the driveway.

Just to name a few.  I always loved visiting Grandma Wagner, because I knew she always loved having me come visit!

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jo said...

Such sweet memories made even sweeter when seen through the eyes of one of her grandduaghters. She would love this!