Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grandma Wagner - The Nickname Game

Grandma Wagner with Win, Carrie, Heidi & Ben (clockwise from top) about 1978

OK, I need help again with this little trip down memory lane.  This picture made me think of the nicknames Grandma Wagner had for us.  I remember:

Heidi was "Cricket"
Win was "Sam Andy"
Ben was "Bee Ben"

But what was Carrie's nickname?  I should remember it best since it is the most recent. . .



jo said...

Carrie was 'TillyLou' and occasionally
"Little Miss Muffett.'

TexasMom said...

TillyLou - that's it!! I knew I'd recognize it when I heard it!!

Love that orange shag carpet too. Now that stuff is dur. a. ble.!